Today's date: 22. 06. 2021.
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  • Dead:Neda Arneric
    (1953 - 2020)
    Our actress who got into acting when she was a kid and stayed in it until the end. He is the recipient of many awards for his outstanding contribution to acting. She has made over 110 films and 40 plays.
  • Died:
    Mihailo Misa Janketic
    (1938 - 2019)
    We were abandoned by an acting legend and a national theater champion. "Bolji život", "Srećni ljudi", "Porodično blago", "Stižu dolari" are the series by which he is recognized. He has received many awards: "Pavle Vujisic", "Dobrica's Ring", "Golden Turtle" and many others. He is buried in the Alley of Meritorious Citizens.
  • Saban Saulic
    (1951 - 2019)

    One of the greatest singers of folk music. He was born in Sabac. His career began early and at the age of 18 (1969) he recorded his first album. Due to his extraordinary musical talent and a number of hits he received the nickname "The King of Folk Music".
  • Dragoslav Sekularac
    (1937 - 2019)
    The first among the best in Yugoslav football left us at the age of 82. He started football in 1955. He will remain a football legend to be talked about after his death, because he does things that are eternal.
  • Marko Nikolic
    (1946 - 2019)
    At the age of 73, he passed away by a famous actor celebrated through the series "Bolji Zivot" as Giga Moravac and by the role of Karadjordje. He graduated from the FDU in Belgrade. He has won many awards for his great contribution to acting art.
  • Milena Dravic
    (1940 - 2018)
    With her vannier talent and her simple view of life, she enriched an epoch of Yugoslavian and Serbian cinema. With her acting, she left an eternal seal on the terrestrial and heavenly stage.
  • Nebojsa Glogovac
    (1969 - 2018)
    He was one of the best Serbian actors. The roles: "Bure baruta", Nebeska udica", "Munje", "Kad porastem biću kengur", "Klopka"... "Sumnjivo lice", "Metamorfoze", "Hadersfild" ... "Porodično blago", "Moj rođak sa sela", "Vratiće se rode". "He won a number of prizes.
  • Radivoj Raša Popov
    (1933 - 2017)
    He was a Serbian writer, publisher, actor and television journalist. He was popular with the children's audience of many generations. The most famous shows where he played the "Fore and fittings". Born in Mokin and finished the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.
  • Mira Stupica
    (1923 - 2016)
    Prominent Yugoslav and Serbian actress who left a significant mark in the local theater and film arts. She is the sister of actor Bora Todorovic. She was born on 17 August 1923 in Gjilan and has experienced 93 years.
  • Velimir Bata Zivojinovic
    (1933 - 2016)
    Bard Serbian and Yugoslav theater. He played a number of roles in film and theater. The popularity he gained international film "Valter defends Sarajevo". He has received numerous awards for his work. The most important are the Lifetime Achievement Award, Golden Arena and many others.
  • Dragan Nikolic
    (1943 - 2016)
    The man who has significantly marked the epoch of social life at a maximum of Yugoslavia. This does not diminish the importance of not after the tragic fate in this region. The best known films: Written off, Floyd, Balkan Express, last lap in Monza and many many others.
  • Dusan Golumbovski
    (1941 - 2016)
    Serbian actor known for his many roles , and the most recognizable by Ozren Soldatović roles in the series "Srecni ljudi" . He played in the National Theatre and Terazije Theatre .
  • Dead
    Vlastimir Djuza Stojiljkovic
    (1929 - 2015)
    The famous actor died after a long illness at the age of 86. He received the "Sterija Award", "October Award", "Dobričin prsten", "Zlatni Ćuran". 1951 began his professional career until retirement in 1995.
  • Memory
    Josip Broz Tito
    (1892 - 1980)
    It's been 35 years since the death of Josip Broz Tito, who was the most prominent leader of Yugoslavia. The head of Yugoslavia was 35 years old. He was a founder and leader of the Non-Aligned Movement. He died on 4 May 1980.
  • Died
    Vlada Divljan
    (1958 - 2015)
    He was one of the most prominent musicians Yugoslav music scene in the 56 year struggle with life after a serious illness. His career began in the late seventies and fame as lead singer of Idoli.
  • Died
    Franjo Mihalic
    (1920 - 2015)
    He was one of the most successful athletes in Yugoslavia. He broke 22 records. The best place in the career he had at the Olympic Games in Melbourne, winning a silver medal. Mihalić participated in the official competition in 1075, and passed them on 166,250 kilometers (wikipedia).
  • Died:
    Boba Stefanovic
    (1946 - 2015)
    One of the most popular Yugoslav pop singer and composer died at the age of 69. He began his career in 1962. He has collaborated with many famous musical names ukuljučujući and international music stars. He left behind a wife and three daughters Zorica.
  • Dead:
    Kemal Monteno
    (1948 - 2015)
    The famous singer died at the age of 66. He began his career 60s. He has collaborated with many famous singing scene. He sang and was one of the most beautiful poems about a town, and it's "Sarajevo ljubavi moja."
  • Dead:
    Nikola Simic
    (1934 - 2014)
    Famous and Great actor Nikola Simic, died in his 80th year. The best-known was his role in the film "Tesna Koza." He has received many awards, among which the most important are "Sterijina nagrada" Lifetime Achievement Award "Pavle Vuisić" "Srebrna arena" in Pula ...
  • Dead:
    Bora Todorovic
    (1930 - 2014)
    Actor and a great artist has died at the age of 84. He was known for great acting professional. He has won many awards such as Sterijina, award Ćuran, Zoranov brk, Paul Vusijić, the Grand Prix for the role of "Profesionalac" in Cannes ...
  • Dead:
    Dobrica Cosic
    (1921 - 2014)
    In 93 years, died Serbian academician, writer and first President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. He actively participated in the political life of Serbia. He participated in the National Liberation War. He has received numerous awards for outstanding contribution to literature.
  • Dead:
    Vujadin Boskov
    (1931 - 2014)
    Famous football expert and former football player for the Yugoslav national team, died on April 27 at age 83. As an expert and trainer has won many championships and cups with a team that is led.
  • Memory:
    Zoran Djindjic
    (1952 - 2003)
    On this day 2003rd was tragically killed first democratic prime minister of Serbia, Zoran Djindjic. He was born in Bosanski Samac in 1952. year. The Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia was between 25 January 2001. up to 12 March 2003.
  • Memory:
    Nikola Tesla
    (1856 - 1943)
    Marks the 71 anniversary of the death of one of the world's greatest scientists. Without his invention would not have imagined today's modern world. And if it is a contribution to the development of humanity, died in poverty at 87 the age, 7 januara.1943. in New York.
  • Died:
    Ljubomir Tadic
    (1925 - 2013)
    Famous Serbian academician has died at 88 year of life. It was operate the ordinary professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and the founder of many organizations. The best-known works are: The Order and Freedom, Tradition and Revolution, Authority and Contestation, The Science of Politics, and others.
  • Died:
    Ruzica Sokic
    (1934 - 2013)
    After a long illness 19/12/2013. died famous Serbian actress. Her acting was marked by some 40 movies and series. She won the "Zlatna" and "Srebrna arena" in Pula, Dobričin prsten and many others. The most recognizable was his role in Nušić piece "Gospodja ministarka".
  • Died:
    Ljubomir Vračarević
    (1947 - 2013)
    He was born in Varazdin 6 May. The creator of the real ajkidoa. He died at 67 year of life and aspire after along illness. One of the most respected martial artists in the world. In the U.S. 2002nd He was elected a member of the "United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame."
  • Memory:
    Dragomir Bojanic Gidra
    (1933 - 1993)
    20 years ago, 11 November passed a great actor who has his superb acting skills entertained, and it still works today, through his films. He played a variety of roles in over 30 movies and series. He has received many awards.
  • Deceased:Janoš Tot
    (1961 - 2013)
    After a short illness, died in his 53 year. He was the drama leader in the theater of Terazije and a member since 1990. year. He played a number of memorable roles, and won several awards.
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Džudi Garland 10.06.1922 22.06.1969 Glumica
Marija Karađorđević 09.01.1900 (Gota) 22.06.1961 (London) Kraljica, princeza
Fred Aster 10.05.1899 (Omaha) 22.06.1987 (Los Anđeles) Glumac
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Recent announcements:
Memorial number 6187, announced: 20.06.2021. year

(1962 - 2021)
Beograd, Srbija
21.06.2021. navršava se 40 dana od kada više nisi sa nama
Dani prolaze, ali ne blede sećanja na tvoju plemenitost, dobrotu, nesebičnost. Ponosni smo što smo te imali, neka te u tišini večnog mira prati naša ljubav od zaborava. Boli praznina koja nikada neće biti popunjena. Bole suze... Ostaje da živiš u uspomenama onih koji su te poznavali i u bolnom srcu tvojih najbližih. Uspomena na tebe, živeće dok je nas.
U srcu te čuvaju.... Ljupka ( Bulkica ) i Dragan
Memory number 6182, announced: 13.06.2021. year

(1948 - 2020)
Dubrovnik, Hrvatska
Na danasnji dan
Prije godinu dana tiho i iznenada posao je na zadnje planinarenje put nebeskih visina. Ostajes nezaboravan, divan prijatelj.
Memorial number 6178, announced: 09.06.2021. year
Beograd, Srbija
Godina prodje kao tren
Najdraži moj jedini brate, Toliko toga neispričanog, a proživljenog; Toliko toga nerečenog, a shvaćenog; Toliko toga ostalo je nedosanjanog.. jer tren se pretvori u večnost. Živiš kroz mene zauvek.
Tvoj jedini brat Milan sa porodicom
Memory number 6174, announced: 05.06.2021. year

(1982 - 2009)
Sabac, Srbija
Prođoše godine-dvanaest ih je i taj bolni 9jun se približava....
Smrt ne postoji,ljudi umiru kada ih svi zaborave.Ti si samo otišao u drugi dom,da se tvoja duša i misli oporave.Postao si anđeo čuvar naše sreće i naše tuge. Uvek ćemo čuvati sećanje na tebe... Ti nam se nasmeši nekada,tamo sa druge strane,tamo iza šarene duge...
Tvoja sestra Slađa.
Obituary number 6173, announced: 04.06.2021. year

(1980 - 2021)
Šabac, Serbia
Na današnji dan preminuo je naš voljeni Dziga...
Godine ne mogu izbrisati uspomene na tebe.Uvek ćeš biti sa nama.
S ljubavlju i bolom tvoja drugarica Goca...
Memory number 6170, announced: 03.06.2021. year
Minhen , Nemačka
Tužnih četrdeset dana
Voljeni nikad ne odlaze.Prate nas prate u stopu svakoga dana.Ne vidimo ih,ne čujemo ih,ali su tu uvjek negdje.Uvijek voljeni uvijek će nedostajati.Zauvjek ostaju u srcu.
Marko, Nedeljko, Tamara
Obituary number 6163, announced: 31.05.2021. year
Чачак, Србија
Са великом тугом,
Oбавештавамо родбину и пријатеље да нас је 30.05.2021. год. заувек напустио наш Александар. Заувек ћеш бити у нашим срцима и мислима.
Memorial number 6161, announced: 27.05.2021. year

(1987 - 2021)
Београд, Србија
Четрдесет дана ниси са нама,
али све док ми будемо ходали бићеш у нашим срцима. Твојим одласком смо изгубили великог друга и брата, недостајеш нам. Нека те анђели чувају, јер и ТИ си анђео.
Стефан, Боран, Дарко
Memorial number 6157, announced: 26.05.2021. year

(1934 - 2018)
Beograd,Borča, Srbija
Trogodišnji pomen
Tata moj,još jednom je olistao tvoj orah,još jednom je ljubičasti jorgovan procvetao u tvom dvorištu, ali nema ko da otvori kapiju, iznese klupu.Sad su otvorene neke nove rane, jednom si ostavio nešto napisano što je pokrenulo nove boli.Sad mi je srce raspalo u paramparčad, a tebe nema da ih sakupiš bar delimično. Da mi srce sastaviš da mi objasniš i kažeš sve.Ne boli što te više nema, bole me suze,bole nedorečene situacije,.Nedostaju mi razgovori,nedostaju mi lepe priče o našoj Borči.Opet je na tvoj imendan svirala u Borči harmonika,ali ne iz tvojih ruku.Tako ide pesma,.oči su ogledalo duše, jer se duša u očima krije'...A moje oči gledaju u sve tvoje,ne dam da se razvuče,rasipa,ne dam,ne može,ali tata i ja sam tvoja.Opet moje oči plaču i gledaju kad će se otvoriti kapija, čekam da dođeš na kafu i keksiće.Nađa i Ilija te traže,ona ti piše čestitke i poklone donosi još uvek.Sve nam to zajedničko nedostaje,volimo te i čuvamo u duši.Pazi na nas,čuvaj nas,trepni kroz sjaj zvezde...
Ćerka Lidija sa porodicom
Obituary number 6154, announced: 25.05.2021. year

(1935 - 2021)
Novi Sad, Srbija
Poslednji pozdrav
Uvek ćemo te se sećati s ljubavlju
brat Zvonko Bal sa porodicom
Memorial number 6151, announced: 25.05.2021. year
Beograd, Srbija
Četrdesetodnevni pomen
Mili naš Milorad Miša Petrović (16. 06. 1964 - 19. 04. 2021) Na četrdeseti dan od kada si promenio svet pratimo tvoju dušu putem ljubavi ka izvoru. Četrdesetodnevni pomen se održava 29.05.2021. god. u crkvi Hram Svetog Jovana Krstitelja na Centralnom groblju u 10 sati.
Tvoja Amira i voljeni sinovi Andreja i Viktor
Memorial number 6149, announced: 25.05.2021. year

(1969 - 2021)
Kragujevac, Srbija
Dragi brate
Nema te više.Izgubih te pre tačno 40 dana. Od tada samo suze, bol i neizmerna tuga.Neka mi te andjeli čuvaju i večni mir na nebu daju.
Sestra Sanja sa porodicom
Memory number 6148, announced: 24.05.2021. year
Београд, Србија
Мили наш Жељко,
Туга и бол се не мере временом већ празнином која је остала у нашим срцима.Не постоји време које носи заборав...Сваког дана си са нама у нашим мислима...Сећањима у нашим срцима...Постојиш у свакој сузи која падне,у сваком трену који боли без тебе.
Memory number 6148, announced: 24.05.2021. year
Београд, Србија
Драги Жељко,
Научио си ме многим стварима,научио си ме сузама,смеху,да будем боља и од саме себе, све си ми рекао осим једног,како се живи даље без тебе...
Obituary number 6136, announced: 20.05.2021. year

(1958 - 2021)
Beograd , Srbija
Poslednji pozdrav dragoj Nadi. Zauvek ćeš ostati u našim srcima, nikada te nećemo zaboraviti, tvoju dobrotu i plemenitost. Počivaj u miru i nek te anđeli čuvaju. Poslednji pozdrav od Ace, Joce, Cace, Ljilje, Sandre i Sanje.
Popović Slavica
Obituary number 6135, announced: 19.05.2021. year

(1996 - 2021)
Beograd, Srbija
Poslednji pozdarav unuku Nikoli od dede Dimitrije i bake Mile.
Deda Dimitrije, baka Mila, sestra Maja i brat Marko
Obituary number 6135, announced: 19.05.2021. year

(1996 - 2021)
Beograd, Srbija
Voli te zauvek tvoja tetka Jelena
Voljeni ne umiru, oni žive i dalje u našim srcima. Ti ces uvek ziveti u tetkinom srcu.
Tetka Jelena
Memorial number 6187, announced: 20.06.2021. year

(1962 - 2021)
Beograd, Srbija
Dragi moj Vojine...
Voljeni ne umiru, smrt ne postoji, ljudi umiru kada ih svi zaborave,a Ti, Ti si samo otšao u drugi dom, da se tvoja duša i misli oporave. Postao si anđeo čuvar naše sreće i tuge, uvek ćemo čuvati sećanje na tebe. Ti nam se nasmeši nekada,tamo sa druge strane, tamo iza šarene duge..... Praznina je velika, a tvoja ljubav je bila jaka i svakog dana si u mislima sa nama...
U srcu te čuvaju... Ljupka ( Bulkica ) i Dragan
Memorial number 6151, announced: 25.05.2021. year
Beograd, Srbija
Polaganje urne voljenog Miše
Polaganjem urne pratimo tvoju dušu čistog spokoja put božanske svetlosti. Neka te prati ljubav naših srca, kao što je to činila dok si koračao zemaljskim stazama. Polaganje urne: 20. 05. 2021. u 13h na Centralnom groblju.
Tvoja Amira, voljeni sinovi Andreja i Viktor
Obituary number 6106, announced: 07.05.2021. year
Beograd, Srbija
Obaveštavamo rodbinu i prijatelje da je naš ­dragi suprug i otac
Preminuo je 7. maja 2021. godine. Sahrana će se obaviti u ponedeljak 10, maja 2021. godine u 13:00 časova na groblju Lešće u Beogradu.
Ožalošćeni: supruga Stana, sin Branislav, ćerka Ivana
Memory number 6083, announced: 29.04.2021. year

(1931 - 1994)
Novi Sad, Srbija
Tužno sećanje
Dana 30.04.2021. godine navršava se 27 godina od kada si nas prerano napustio. Večno ćeš ostati u našim srcima.
Tvoji najmiliji
Memory number 6170, announced: 03.06.2021. year
Minhen , Nemačka
Poslednji pozdrav
Tvoja dobrota i plemenitost zauvek će ostati u našim srcima
Marko, Nedeljko, Tamara
Memory number 6148, announced: 24.05.2021. year
Београд, Србија
Драги Жељко,
Знам...да боле и мириси,угао под којим падају зраци сунца,сенке на познатим стазама,звук корака...и смех...који су остали залеђени негде далеко у времену..Боле обојене пећине нашег ума који не зна заборавити..И све боли.
Obituary number 6075, announced: 22.04.2021. year
Beograd, Srbija
Mili Mišo
Neka tvoja dobra i plemenita duša počiva u miru. Volimo te beskrajno.
Majka Dobrila, sestra Biljana sa porodicom
Obituary number 6071, announced: 21.04.2021. year

(1941 - 2021)
Sabac, Srbija
Draga Majka , Bako
Poslednji pozdrav našoj dragoj Ivanki Jankovic biće 11.05.2021 na donjošorskom groblju u 13 h
Sin :Ivan , Unuci: Nenad, Miloš, Vuk ,Snajke: Slavica i Ivana
Memorial number 6149, announced: 25.05.2021. year

(1969 - 2021)
Kragujevac, Srbija
Poslednji pozdrav dragom drugu i prijatelju
Otišao si na put bez povratka, a nama ostaje samo praznina i sećanje.
Labud i Vesna
Memorial number 6058, announced: 12.04.2021. year

(1909 - 1961)
Zvornik, BIH
Pre 60 godina, 15.aprila 1961. godine,preminula je naša lepa, plemenita, dobra majka Janja Mijanović rodj. Ostojić iz Zvornika. Ostali smo bez ljubavi, topline, nežnosti i zaštite.
Ćerka Vukica i sin Miloš
Memory number 6050, announced: 06.04.2021. year
Београд, Србија
Драга родбино и пријатељи,
Навршава се 10 година жалости од растанка са нашим Манетом професором, руководиоцем, друштвеним радником и официром у резерви. Поносни смо на нашег блаженоупокојеног родитеља и чувамо га са поштовањем у нашим срцима,
синови Зоран и Дејан Глушчевић са породицама
Obituary number 6047, announced: 06.04.2021. year

(1951 - 2021)
Bački Jarak, Srbija
Dragi Pero,
Nedostajaće nam tvoj osmeh, tvoja mudrost i tvoje razumevanje.
Porodica Kosovac
Obituary number 6043, announced: 05.04.2021. year

(1944 - 2021)
Beograd, Srbija
Sa tugom obaveštavamo rođake i prijatelje
Da je Andjelka Jeremić preminula 4. aprila u Beogradu. Ispraćaj za kremaciju će se obaviti 6. aprila 2021 u 12:00 casova na groblju Orlovaca.
Suprug Miodrag i ćerke Marija i Lana
Obituary number 6038, announced: 03.04.2021. year

(1940 - 2021)
Petrovac na Mlavi, Srbija
Otišao je još jedan heroj među ljudima,voljen i poštovan kao muž,otac,prijatelj i kao lekar koji je pomagao svima koji su to tražili od njega. Ostaceš nam zauvek u sećanju ti i tvoja dobrota i poštenje. Počivaj u miru Rašo!
Tvoji prijatelji Gaga i Goran Antovic
Memory number 6031, announced: 31.03.2021. year
Смедеревска Паланка, Србија
Десетогодишње сећање
Дана 01.04.2021.навршава се десет година од смрти наше вољене и племените мајке МИЛЕВЕ АРСЕНИЈА ЈАНКОВИЋ Тога дана посетићемо њену вечну кућу на Новом гробљу "Каменац" у Смедеревској Паланци. Сећање на нашу драгу мајку вечно траје.
Њени: Синови Драган и Душко и ћерка Радмила
Memory number 6029, announced: 31.03.2021. year

(1947 - 2021)
Srpska Crnja, Beograd, Srbija
S ljubavlju...
U ime svih, Iva
Obituary number 6022, announced: 29.03.2021. year

(1956 - 2021)
Novi Sad, Srbija
poslednji pozdrav
Poslednji pozdrav draga prijateljice. Tvoje plemenito srce nije izdržalo gubitak tvog voljenog Slobodana. Počivajjte u miru.
porodica Bal
Obituary number 6021, announced: 29.03.2021. year

(1954 - 2021)
Novi Sad, Srbija
Poslednji pozdrav
Poslednji pozdrav dragom prijatelju
porodica Bal
Obituary number 6020, announced: 28.03.2021. year
Крушевцу, Србија
С најдубљом жалошћу објављујемо да је наш Мирослав преминуо
Пензионисани потпуковник Потежица је преминуо на ВМА у Београду 26.03.2021 године. Сахрана ће се обавити 30.03.2021 у 14ч на Новом гробљу у Великој Дренови код Крушевца.
супруга Србислава, ћерке Ана и Ивана, зетови Дејан и Милош, унуци, праунук, родбина и пријатељи
Obituary number 6016, announced: 26.03.2021. year
Nikšić, Crna Gora
Poslednji pozdrav
Poslednji pozdrav dragom zetu i prijatelju Danju, nikada te zaboraviti nećemo, tvoju dobrotu, humanost, poštovanje. Uvek ćemo te pamtiti i nikada te nećemo zaboraviti. Počivaj u miru.
Popović Olga, Stevo i Slavica i Jelena iz Beograda.
Obituary number 6003, announced: 24.03.2021. year
Beograd, Srbija
Draga Ceco,
Zauvek zaspala naša drugarice, napustila si nas iznenada bez pozdrava... Tuga je velika, neka te anđeli čuvaju!
Poslednji pozdrav od sestara Ljilje i Milene
Memory number 6148, announced: 24.05.2021. year
Београд, Србија
Драги Жељко,
Не питам ништа,јер знам да знаш У овом свету што није наш Немој да бринеш. Кад срце зна и небо зна Ти имаш мене а тебе ја.
Obituary number 5988, announced: 20.03.2021. year

(2002 - 2021)
Beograd, Srbija
Voljena naša
Naše voljeno sunce koje će večno da sija prešla je sa one strane duge
Njeni najmiliji
Obituary number 5969, announced: 14.03.2021. year

(1949 - 2021)
Oberwesel, Nemačka
Posle iznenadne smrti opraštamo se od mog voljenog muža,teče,ujaka,zeta
Otišao si od nas,ali u našim srcima ćeš uvek biti tu. Tragovi tvog života,tvojih misli,slika i zajedničkih trenutaka će uvek biti tu. Podsećaće nas na tebe i činiti i srećnim i tužnim. Ako mislite na mene ne budite tužni, bolje pričajte o meni i slobodno se nasmejte.
U tuzi: Branka,Sonja sa porodicom, Tamara, Marko, Tatjana i Đorđe i ostala rodbina...
Obituary number 5963, announced: 11.03.2021. year

(1934 - 2021)
Beograd, Srbija
S najdubljom žalošću objavljujemo da je preminuo naš dragi Branko
Preminuo je 9.3.2021. Sahrana će se obaviti 15.3.2021 u 12:15 na Novom bežanijskom groblju. Godine ne mogu izbrisati uspomene na tebe. Uvek ćeš biti sa nama.
supruga Borka, sin Duško sa porodicom, ćerka Biljana sa porodicom i ostala rodbina i prijatelji
Obituary number 5947, announced: 03.03.2021. year

(1945 - 2021)
Obrenovac, Srbija
Sa neizmernim bolom i tugom obaveštavamo rodbinu i prijatelje da je preminula naša draga i voljena
Radojka Cvjetković 1945.-2021. Preminula je 02.03.2021. godine u svojoj 76-toj godini života. Opelo će se obaviti u četvrtak 04.03.2021. godine u 14:00 časova u kapeli na Novom Obrenovačkom groblju.
Sinovi Predrag i Miodrag, snaje Branka i Dragana, unuci Snežana i Vladimir, i brojna rodbina i prijatelji.
Obituary number 5935, announced: 26.02.2021. year

(1949 - 2021)
Beograd, Srbija
Tužnog srca javljamo rodbini, prijateljima i poznanicima žalosnu vest
da je dana 24.02.2021. godine, u 72-oj godini života, preminuo naš dragi suprug, otac, deda, brat, teča, ujak, stric i prijatelj. Sahrana dragog nam pokojnika obaviće se u subotu 27.02.2021. godine u Beogradu na groblju Orlovača u 11,15 časova. Opelo počinje u 10,45 časova.
supruga Voja, ćerke Branka i Jadranka, zet Saša, unuk Boris i unuka Svjetlana
Memory number 5934, announced: 26.02.2021. year
Beograd, Srbija
Mila moja, Anđele moj,
Dvanaest godina prolazi sa uspomenama, a kao da si juče otišla da pronađeš svoj večiti mir. Moj si nezaborav.
Tvoja Maki
Obituary number 5924, announced: 21.02.2021. year
Belgrade, Serbia
Poslednji pozdrav dragom bratu
Zauvek ćeš ostati u našim srcima.
Ljilja sa porodicom
Obituary number 5923, announced: 21.02.2021. year
Beograd, Srbija
Последњи поздрав драгом брату
Заувек ћеш остати у нашим срцима.
Милица са породицом
Obituary number 5921, announced: 19.02.2021. year
Нови Сад, Србија
Poslednji pozdrav
Почивај у миру.Увек чеш бити са нама. Као што си рекао.... -Живот? -To je oно на гробу, па када пише година рођења и година смрти. -Е она цртица између, то је живот...
Маја Јовановић
Memory number 6148, announced: 24.05.2021. year
Београд, Србија
Нашем драгом Жељку
Шестомесечни помен даћемо 20.фебруара у 11 часова на гробљу Орловача. Заувек остајеш у нашим срцима и успоменама вечном љубављу.Волимо те.
само твоји Јована, Спасоје и Јасна
Memorial number 5904, announced: 07.02.2021. year

(1955 - 2010)
Obrenovac, Srbija
Kao da je bilo juče
Misa za pokoj duše , mog Hrvoja , davaće se 14.02.2021.god. u 17 časova , u Crkvi Svetog Ćirila i Metodija , ul. Požeška br.35 u Beogradu
Olivera, Marija i Temza
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