Today's date: 02. 04. 2020.
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  • Dead:Neda Arneric
    (1953 - 2020)
    Our actress who got into acting when she was a kid and stayed in it until the end. He is the recipient of many awards for his outstanding contribution to acting. She has made over 110 films and 40 plays.
  • Died:
    Mihailo Misa Janketic
    (1938 - 2019)
    We were abandoned by an acting legend and a national theater champion. "Bolji život", "Srećni ljudi", "Porodično blago", "Stižu dolari" are the series by which he is recognized. He has received many awards: "Pavle Vujisic", "Dobrica's Ring", "Golden Turtle" and many others. He is buried in the Alley of Meritorious Citizens.
  • Saban Saulic
    (1951 - 2019)

    One of the greatest singers of folk music. He was born in Sabac. His career began early and at the age of 18 (1969) he recorded his first album. Due to his extraordinary musical talent and a number of hits he received the nickname "The King of Folk Music".
  • Dragoslav Sekularac
    (1937 - 2019)
    The first among the best in Yugoslav football left us at the age of 82. He started football in 1955. He will remain a football legend to be talked about after his death, because he does things that are eternal.
  • Marko Nikolic
    (1946 - 2019)
    At the age of 73, he passed away by a famous actor celebrated through the series "Bolji Zivot" as Giga Moravac and by the role of Karadjordje. He graduated from the FDU in Belgrade. He has won many awards for his great contribution to acting art.
  • Milena Dravic
    (1940 - 2018)
    With her vannier talent and her simple view of life, she enriched an epoch of Yugoslavian and Serbian cinema. With her acting, she left an eternal seal on the terrestrial and heavenly stage.
  • Nebojsa Glogovac
    (1969 - 2018)
    He was one of the best Serbian actors. The roles: "Bure baruta", Nebeska udica", "Munje", "Kad porastem biću kengur", "Klopka"... "Sumnjivo lice", "Metamorfoze", "Hadersfild" ... "Porodično blago", "Moj rođak sa sela", "Vratiće se rode". "He won a number of prizes.
  • Radivoj Raša Popov
    (1933 - 2017)
    He was a Serbian writer, publisher, actor and television journalist. He was popular with the children's audience of many generations. The most famous shows where he played the "Fore and fittings". Born in Mokin and finished the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.
  • Mira Stupica
    (1923 - 2016)
    Prominent Yugoslav and Serbian actress who left a significant mark in the local theater and film arts. She is the sister of actor Bora Todorovic. She was born on 17 August 1923 in Gjilan and has experienced 93 years.
  • Velimir Bata Zivojinovic
    (1933 - 2016)
    Bard Serbian and Yugoslav theater. He played a number of roles in film and theater. The popularity he gained international film "Valter defends Sarajevo". He has received numerous awards for his work. The most important are the Lifetime Achievement Award, Golden Arena and many others.
  • Dragan Nikolic
    (1943 - 2016)
    The man who has significantly marked the epoch of social life at a maximum of Yugoslavia. This does not diminish the importance of not after the tragic fate in this region. The best known films: Written off, Floyd, Balkan Express, last lap in Monza and many many others.
  • Dusan Golumbovski
    (1941 - 2016)
    Serbian actor known for his many roles , and the most recognizable by Ozren Soldatović roles in the series "Srecni ljudi" . He played in the National Theatre and Terazije Theatre .
  • Dead
    Vlastimir Djuza Stojiljkovic
    (1929 - 2015)
    The famous actor died after a long illness at the age of 86. He received the "Sterija Award", "October Award", "Dobričin prsten", "Zlatni Ćuran". 1951 began his professional career until retirement in 1995.
  • Memory
    Josip Broz Tito
    (1892 - 1980)
    It's been 35 years since the death of Josip Broz Tito, who was the most prominent leader of Yugoslavia. The head of Yugoslavia was 35 years old. He was a founder and leader of the Non-Aligned Movement. He died on 4 May 1980.
  • Died
    Vlada Divljan
    (1958 - 2015)
    He was one of the most prominent musicians Yugoslav music scene in the 56 year struggle with life after a serious illness. His career began in the late seventies and fame as lead singer of Idoli.
  • Died
    Franjo Mihalic
    (1920 - 2015)
    He was one of the most successful athletes in Yugoslavia. He broke 22 records. The best place in the career he had at the Olympic Games in Melbourne, winning a silver medal. Mihalić participated in the official competition in 1075, and passed them on 166,250 kilometers (wikipedia).
  • Died:
    Boba Stefanovic
    (1946 - 2015)
    One of the most popular Yugoslav pop singer and composer died at the age of 69. He began his career in 1962. He has collaborated with many famous musical names ukuljučujući and international music stars. He left behind a wife and three daughters Zorica.
  • Dead:
    Kemal Monteno
    (1948 - 2015)
    The famous singer died at the age of 66. He began his career 60s. He has collaborated with many famous singing scene. He sang and was one of the most beautiful poems about a town, and it's "Sarajevo ljubavi moja."
  • Dead:
    Nikola Simic
    (1934 - 2014)
    Famous and Great actor Nikola Simic, died in his 80th year. The best-known was his role in the film "Tesna Koza." He has received many awards, among which the most important are "Sterijina nagrada" Lifetime Achievement Award "Pavle Vuisić" "Srebrna arena" in Pula ...
  • Dead:
    Bora Todorovic
    (1930 - 2014)
    Actor and a great artist has died at the age of 84. He was known for great acting professional. He has won many awards such as Sterijina, award Ćuran, Zoranov brk, Paul Vusijić, the Grand Prix for the role of "Profesionalac" in Cannes ...
  • Dead:
    Dobrica Cosic
    (1921 - 2014)
    In 93 years, died Serbian academician, writer and first President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. He actively participated in the political life of Serbia. He participated in the National Liberation War. He has received numerous awards for outstanding contribution to literature.
  • Dead:
    Vujadin Boskov
    (1931 - 2014)
    Famous football expert and former football player for the Yugoslav national team, died on April 27 at age 83. As an expert and trainer has won many championships and cups with a team that is led.
  • Memory:
    Zoran Djindjic
    (1952 - 2003)
    On this day 2003rd was tragically killed first democratic prime minister of Serbia, Zoran Djindjic. He was born in Bosanski Samac in 1952. year. The Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia was between 25 January 2001. up to 12 March 2003.
  • Memory:
    Nikola Tesla
    (1856 - 1943)
    Marks the 71 anniversary of the death of one of the world's greatest scientists. Without his invention would not have imagined today's modern world. And if it is a contribution to the development of humanity, died in poverty at 87 the age, 7 januara.1943. in New York.
  • Died:
    Ljubomir Tadic
    (1925 - 2013)
    Famous Serbian academician has died at 88 year of life. It was operate the ordinary professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and the founder of many organizations. The best-known works are: The Order and Freedom, Tradition and Revolution, Authority and Contestation, The Science of Politics, and others.
  • Died:
    Ruzica Sokic
    (1934 - 2013)
    After a long illness 19/12/2013. died famous Serbian actress. Her acting was marked by some 40 movies and series. She won the "Zlatna" and "Srebrna arena" in Pula, Dobričin prsten and many others. The most recognizable was his role in Nušić piece "Gospodja ministarka".
  • Died:
    Ljubomir Vračarević
    (1947 - 2013)
    He was born in Varazdin 6 May. The creator of the real ajkidoa. He died at 67 year of life and aspire after along illness. One of the most respected martial artists in the world. In the U.S. 2002nd He was elected a member of the "United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame."
  • Memory:
    Dragomir Bojanic Gidra
    (1933 - 1993)
    20 years ago, 11 November passed a great actor who has his superb acting skills entertained, and it still works today, through his films. He played a variety of roles in over 30 movies and series. He has received many awards.
  • Deceased:Janoš Tot
    (1961 - 2013)
    After a short illness, died in his 53 year. He was the drama leader in the theater of Terazije and a member since 1990. year. He played a number of memorable roles, and won several awards.
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Žarko Petrović 27.10.1964 02.04.2007 Sportista
Paul Hajze 15.03.1830 (Berlin) 02.04.1914 (Minhen) Književnik
Žorž Pompidu 05.07.1911 (Monbudif) 02.04.1974 (Pariz) Političar
Mato Došen 25.06.1953 (Zagreb) 02.04.2010 (Zagreb) Muzičar, tekstopisac
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Recent announcements:
Memory number 5007, announced: 30.03.2020. year
Beograd, Srbija
Mila moja, još jedan" divan dan " prolazi bez tvog smeha, a htela bih da te zaglim čvrsto, Anđele moj.
Tvoja Maki
Memory number 5003, announced: 28.03.2020. year
Београд, Србија
Dragi brate
Tuga i bol se ne mere vremenom vec prazninom koja je ostala u mom srcu..Ne postoji vreme koje nosi zaborav..Dragi brate vec 11 godina kako si nas napustio.
Vlajko Karadzic
Obituary number 4989, announced: 19.03.2020. year

(1952 - 2020)
Beograd, Srbija
Poslednji pozdrav
Nasem dragom bati, deveru i stricu Vecno si u nasim mislima i srcima.
Sara, Ivana i Zivan Mica Slavujevic
Obituary number 4988, announced: 19.03.2020. year
Jagodina, Srbija
Nasa mila i plemenita majka
Mirno spavaj. Nije kraj.
Vole te zauvek Ana i Maja
Memory number 4974, announced: 11.03.2020. year

(1928 - 2017)
Banatski Karlovac, Srbija
Lepo spavaj
Obituary number 4917, announced: 18.02.2020. year

(1940 - 2020)
Beograd, Srbija
Poslednji pozdrav našoj dragoj profesorki,
Hvala Vam što ste bili profesor kakvog smo samo mogli poželjeti. Hvala Vam na nesebičnoj posvećenosti. Hvala Vam na ogromnom znanju koje ste nam nesebično davali. Hvala Vam na svakom savjetu. Hvala Vam na dobroti, ljubavi i svakoj bombonici koju ste nam podijelili. Uvijek ćete biti u našim srcima i živjećete kroz naše glasove. Zbogom naša golubice.
Jovana T., Annamaria, Jovana S., Aleksa, Milan, Ida, Emilija, Olivera, Ognjen, Marko, Ana, Jovana R.
Memorial number 4905, announced: 15.02.2020. year
Novi Sad, Srbija
Godišnji pomen
Ni suze ni bol vreme ne briše, što ide dalje boli sve više... Godišnji pomen našem najmilijem održaće se u subotu, 22.2. u 11h na Novom gradskom groblju.
S ljubavlju i bolom, sestra Sanja, mama Darinka i tata Veljko
Obituary number 4898, announced: 08.02.2020. year

(1951 - 2020)
Beograd, Srbija
Obaveštavamo rodbinu i prijatelje da je naš ­dragi
Ranko preminuo 7.februara 2020 godine. Sahrana će se obaviti u sredu 12.02. u 12 h . Opelo počinje u 11:30 h u kapeli groblja Orlova ča.
Supruga Mirjana, kćerka Tamara, šurak Radisav,porodice Tulum i Peulić,rodbina i prijatelji.
Memory number 4888, announced: 05.02.2020. year
Белица,Јагодина, Србија
Био је понос родитељима и мени и поштован од оних који су га познавали.
Неизмерна захвалност мом драгом брату, три године велике туге.
Сестра Мира
Obituary number 4873, announced: 04.02.2020. year
Београд, Србија
Последњи поздрав, нашој драгој
Почивај у миру, Анђеле наш...
С љубављу, твоје колеге и ученици из ОШ
Memorial number 4866, announced: 03.02.2020. year

(1955 - 2010)
Obrenovac, Srbija
Misa za pokoj duše, mog Hrvoja , davaće se 14.02.2020.godine u 17 časova, u Crkvi Ćirila i Metodija ul.Požeška br. 35 u Beogradu
Olivera, Marija i Temza
Memorial number 4852, announced: 30.01.2020. year

(1947 - 2012)
Veternik, Novi Sad, Srbija
Osmogodišnji pomen voljenom suprugu i ocu
Neizmernu tugu i bol za tobom ne može vreme da izbriše jer uvek si bio deo naših života i večno ćeš ostati u našim srcima i mislima. Postoji ljubav koju smrt ne prekida i tuga koju vreme ne leči. Ponosni smo što smo te imali i tužni što smo te izgubili. Počivaj u Božijem miru !
Tvoja supruga i kćerka
Memory number 4845, announced: 30.01.2020. year
Г. Зуниче, Књажевац, Србија
Наш драги и никад непрежаљени
Увек ћемо те се радо сећати и никад те нећемо заборавити. Заувек ћемо те чувати у нашим срцима.
Memorial number 4838, announced: 26.01.2020. year

(1951 - 2017)
Beograd, Srbija
Trogodišnji pomen
Prošle su 3 godine a ja i dalje iz sveg srca žalim i jos bezbroj da ih prodje... zauvek ćes da mi fališ.
Tvoja ćera Jovanka
Memory number 4832, announced: 25.01.2020. year
Pančevo, Srbija
Mocane,na Savin dan, još jedan, tvoj, rođendan bez tebe. Mi ćemo uvek misliti na tebe.
Moca i Vidan
Obituary number 4823, announced: 24.01.2020. year

(1929 - 2020)
Novi Sad, Srbija
Poslednji pozdrav našoj tetki
Smiljki Georgijević rodjene u Begeču Dočekivala si nas i ispraćala. Radovala se i plakala sa nama. S poštovanjem hvala
Tanja i Mica
Memory number 4820, announced: 23.01.2020. year

(1973 - 1997)
Niš , Srbija
Sećanja ne blede
23 godine si živeo medju ljudima...skoro 23 godine si među anđelima...
Memorial number 4819, announced: 23.01.2020. year

(1951 - 2019)
Niš, Srbija
Sa nama u našim srcima
Obaveštavamo rodbinu i prijatelje da će se četrdesetodnevni pomen našoj voljenoj supruzi,majci,nani i tašti održati na Novom groblju u Brzom Brodu 7.februara u 11h
suprug Čedica,ćerke Jasmina i Ivana ,unuk Marko i zet Bojan
Memorial number 4818, announced: 22.01.2020. year

(1950 - 2019)
Čikago, Illinois
Četrdesetodnevni pomen
Obaveštavamo rodbinu i prijatelje da će u subotu 8. februara 2020. u 11 biti održan Parastos u Manastiru Nova Gračanica 35240 West Grand Ave, Lake Villa, IL 60040 Rođen 27.01.1950.u Istoku kraj Peći. Život proveo u Beogradu i Čikagu. Predstavljen u Gospodu 30.12.2019. Sa svetima upokoj, Hriste, dušu sluge tvoga Petra, gde nema bolesti, ni žalosti, ni uzdisanja, no gde je život beskonačni.
Porodice Kostić,Niketić, Rakić,Rajkov,Vukadinović.Mnogobrojna rodbina i prijatelji
Memorial number 4812, announced: 21.01.2020. year

(1949 - 2019)
Beograd, Srbija
Navršava se godinu dana od iznenadne smrti našeg dragog sina i oca.Pomen će se održati 25.01.2020. na Novom Bežanijskom groblju u 11 časova.
Majka Margarita i sin Dušan sa porodicom
Memory number 4800, announced: 17.01.2020. year
Кусадак, Смедеревска Паланка, Србија
На данашњи дан, пре шест година, после краће и тешке болести, заувек је отишла наша вољена МИЛАНКА ВЛАДИМИРА ТУРНИЋ Драга сестро, увек ће бити жива сећања на тебе и твој племенити лик
Сестра Радмила и браћа Драган и Душко
Obituary number 4795, announced: 15.01.2020. year

(1930 - 2020)
Beograd, Srbija
Voljenoj teti Zorki
Ostala nam je velika praznina u srcima posle tvog odlaska. Zauvek ćeš nam nedostajati.
Markeš Milan i Stefan
Obituary number 4773, announced: 27.12.2019. year
Крагујевац, Србија
Последњи поздрав вољеном стрицу
Хвала за све што си урадио за мене и за моју породицу
Дејан, Цеца, Никола, Вук, Мина
Obituary number 4765, announced: 21.12.2019. year
Konatice, Srbija
Dragoj nasoj Ljubinki
Draga nasa bako, majko, poslednji pozdrav, zele ti tvoji najrodjeniji Dobrila, Srdjan i Marko.
Dobrila, Srdjan i Marko
Memory number 4757, announced: 20.12.2019. year

(1939 - 2019)
Arlöv, Švedska
Moj tata je danas sahranjen. Sahranu sam naručila 18/11.Uzelo je dosta vremena zbog toga što je to bila sahrana kakav je običaj. Kremacija je u 80% i onda to ima prednost nad sahranom u zemlju u obilježeni grob. Bilo je skromno i svečano. Sama sam bila tamo i prijatelji moji i njegovi. Sve mi je prazno bez njega. Za danas bi on rekao:*Lepo da lepše ne može biti. Sahrana je bila 20. decembra.
Obituary number 4740, announced: 15.12.2019. year
Beograd, Srbija
Obaveštavamo rodbinu i prijatelje da je naša draga baba Nina
preminula 12.12.2019. Sahrana će se obaviti 17.12.2019. u 12.45 na Novom bežanijskom groblju
sinovi Slobodan i Vladimir sa porodicama
Obituary number 4732, announced: 09.12.2019. year

(1950 - 2019)
Beograd, Srbija
Sa neizmernom tugom i bolom
Obavetavamo prijateљe i rodbinu da je voљeni brat i zet, Stojan-Bata iznenada preminuo 7.12.2019 godine. Dragi brate, one koje volimo nikada ne umiru a ti si jedan od њih. Zauvek ћeш ostati u naшim srcima.
Sestra Mirjana i zet ђorђe
Obituary number 4728, announced: 07.12.2019. year

(1986 - 2019)
Obrenovac, Srbija
Nas Voljeni
Izgubili smo voljenog sina, brata, unuka. Svoj zivot je ziveo brzo i bio dobar covek, dobrota i brzina su mu na kraju oduzeli zivot.
Otac Miodrag, majka Ruzica, sestra Kristina i ostala rodbina i prijatelji
Memorial number 4727, announced: 07.12.2019. year

(1933 - 2018)
Beograd, Srbija
Voljeni naš Vojče
Nedostaje nam beskrajno. Inteligentan i skroman. Gospodin i čovek koji je voleo i poštovao, i bio voljen i poštovan. Zauvek u srcima i mislima našim.
Ćerka i zet, Darče i Robi
Memory number 4722, announced: 06.12.2019. year
Урошевац, Србија, САП Косово и Метохија
Тридесетпет година туге
На данашњи дан, пре тачно 35 година (6.12.1984) преминуо је наш вољени отац Владимир Вукоја Јанковић Сећање на њега и његову племенитост никада нећемо заборавити!
његови: синови Драган и Душко и ћерка Радмила
Memory number 4757, announced: 20.12.2019. year

(1939 - 2019)
Arlöv, Švedska
Mog tate više nema
Tuga, bol i praznoća. Nema više razgovora i pametnih razmišljanja. Tišina, mrak i hladnoća.
Memorial number 4701, announced: 27.11.2019. year
Beograd, Srbija
Godinji pomen
Navršava se godina od smrti naše drage supruge,majke i ćerke. Godišnji pomen ćemo davati u subotu,30.11.2019.godine u 11 časova na groblju u Ralji
suprug Dragan,sin Bojan,ćerka Kristina i majka Ljubina
Memorial number 4689, announced: 17.11.2019. year
Београд, Србија
22.11.2019. - петак - двогодишњи помен
Нашој вољеној и никада прежаљеној Радмили Миладиновић дајемо двогодишњи помен у селу Реснику код Сокобање у петак, 22. новембра 2019. године у 09 сати. Речи не могу описати тугу и бол, боли празнина која никада неће нестати. Мајчице вољена, живиш и заувек ћеш живети у нашим срцима и успоменама.
Твоји вољени, супруг Томислав, зет Мирко и ћерка Јасмина.
Memory number 4687, announced: 16.11.2019. year

(1934 - 2017)
Nikšić, Crna Gora
Draga Dano
U nedelju 17.11.2019 navršava se pune dve godine od smrti drage nam sestre,tetke i bake.Tvoj odlazak je ostavio veliku prazninu u našim srcima,al i dalje imamo sećanje na tebe,i nikada te nećemo zaboraviti.Počivaj u miru.
Tvoja sestra Olga,sestrić Stevo,sestričina Slavica,snaha Jelena,unuke Aleksandra i Danica.
Memory number 4685, announced: 16.11.2019. year

(1964 - 2008)
Novi Sad, Srbija
Sećanje na sina
Sine naš, Punih 11 god od kako si napustio ovaj svet. Svaki dan mislimo i pričamo o tebi. Bio si naš ponos, naš prvenac, naša ljubav. Otišao si onako kako si i živeo- tiho. Neka nam te andjeli čuvaju.
Neutešni mama Natalija i otac Perko
Memory number 4685, announced: 16.11.2019. year

(1964 - 2008)
Novi Sad, Srbija
Secanje na brata
Na današnji dan pre 11 god izgubila sam svoju veliku podrsku, mog cuvara i najboljeg brata. Ne mogu da prebolim sto sam te izgubila.
Sestra Minja
Memory number 4680, announced: 12.11.2019. year
Железник, Београд, Србија
Седам година није са нама
Пре седам година (12.11.2012.) трагично је изгубио живот наш вољени и племенити Предраг Милановић Пеђа Био је дика и понос свих нас који смо га познавали и волели.
Тетка Радмила и ујаци Душко и Драган
Memorial number 4677, announced: 11.11.2019. year
Beograd, Srbija
Beskrajni plavi krug i u njemu zvezda
U vremenu mraka postoje ljudska srca koja donose svetlost svetu, da i kad prestanu kucati, svetlost koju su sa sobom donela i dalje sija. Naša Svetlana - ona koja donosi svetlost. U srcu ljubav jača od smrti, u glavi misao veća od glave. U subotu 16-og novembra leta Gospodnjeg 2019, u 11 sati, groblje Rabrenovac, Priboj održaće se polugodišnji pomen na hrabro srce koje je prerano prestalo da kuca.
majka Slavica i sestra Vera
Memory number 4675, announced: 10.11.2019. year
Железник, Београд, Србија
Пет година туге
Дана 11.11.2019. навршава се пет година како је заувек отишла наша Душанка Милановић Дуда Сећање на њу и даље живе у нашим срцима
Сестра Радмила и браћа Душко и Драган
Memory number 4672, announced: 09.11.2019. year

(1934 - 2012)
Мокрин, Србија
Неизмерну тугу и бол за тобом не може време да избрише јер увек си била део наших живота и вечно ћеш остати у нашим срцима и мислима. Постоји љубав коју смрт не прекида и туга коју време не лечи. Поносни смо што смо те имали и тужни што смо те изгубили.
Твоја ћерка, зет и унуци са породицама
Obituary number 4639, announced: 21.10.2019. year
Beograd, Srbija
Dragi kume
Večnost nije dovoljno duga da se zaboravi tvoja dobrota, vedri duh i veliko srce. Počivaj u miru, neka te anđeli čuvaju.
Neizmerno tužni tvoji kumovi
Memorial number 4626, announced: 06.10.2019. year

(1951 - 2018)
Mladenovac, Srbija
Volim te mama!
Tvoj Beli
Memorial number 4626, announced: 06.10.2019. year

(1951 - 2018)
Mladenovac, Srbija
Na današnji dan preminula je naša…
Utehe nema, zaborav ne postoji za one koji te iskreno vole… A za nas postoje samo suze , tuga i neizbrisiv bol. Dok god živimo ti ćeš živeti sa nama. Mama, volimo te zauvek!
Tvoji najmiliji… Dile, Nale i Neno
Obituary number 4614, announced: 02.10.2019. year
Aman, Jordan
Са великом тугом и болом, обавештавамо родбину и пријатеље
Септембра 2019 је преминула после 79 години живота наша мајка Душанка Абас Идекедек (Матич). Са смрћу наше драге мајке изгубили смо и другарицу и велику душу. Сахрањена је у Аману, Јордан.
Синови Надер и Језан, унучад; Хишам, Омар, Жоана, Тара. Снаје Иман и Жумана
Memorial number 4905, announced: 15.02.2020. year
Novi Sad, Srbija
Najmiliji moj bato,
Hvala ti za sreću, radost i smeh, hvala ti za svaki sakriveni greh. Hvala ti za reč što suze briše, takav se brat ne rađa više! Danas, 23.9. bio bi tvoj 34. rođendan. Mnogo toga smo još zajedno trebali...
S ljubavlju i bolom, tvoja sestra Sanja
Memorial number 4581, announced: 15.09.2019. year
Skoplje, Makedonija
40 dnevni pomen
40 dena smo bez tebe Kume nas. Mnogo nam nedostajes... Tvoji Veca,Caki,Maca,Ivana i Deki
Familija Teofilovski
Memory number 4577, announced: 12.09.2019. year
Vrdnik, Srbija
Mami Ceci...
Brzo prodjose ove 4 godine :) Zauvek u nasim srcima
Mirjana Stanisavljevic
Memory number 4974, announced: 11.03.2020. year

(1928 - 2017)
Banatski Karlovac, Srbija
Čuvamo te od zaborava
Hvala ti za neizmernuljubav i toplinu.
Tvoji najmiliji
Obituary number 4572, announced: 09.09.2019. year

(1936 - 2019)
Nova Varoš, Srbija
Preminuo Vukosav Despotović (1936-2019)
Bio si veliki oslonac u našim životima i primer dobrote i poštenja. Ostaćeš u najlepšem sećanju u našim srcima. Obaveštavamo rodbinu, komšije i prijatelje da je naš dragi Despotović Vukosav preminuo 04.09.2019 u 84-toj godini života. Sahrana će se obaviti 05.09.2019. u 13h na groblju Obarde (opština Pljevlja)
sin Željko, snaja Svetlana, unuci Katarina i Lazar
Obituary number 3852, announced: 04.09.2019. year
Ресник Сокобања, Србија
Последњи поздрав вољеној Миљани
Најдража Миљана, прерано си отишла Анђелима... Утехе нема, заборав не постоји, заувек ћеш остати у нашим срцима и мислима.
Томислав, Мирко и Јасмина.
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